Money Saving Tips For Your Lawn Care


You may take a break from your typical lawn care routine throughout winter and save some bucks. If you would like to cut down your expenses with lawn care even with all of the challenges that are caused by global warming, you must know that there are many ways that can allow you to do so. You can also visit for more info. 

Tip to cut down on your expenses on lawn care

Don't buy fertilizers for the lawn - consider making your own fertilizers by using ingredients that you have at home already. These can be anything from wood ashes from fireplace that's kept active in winter, bone meal as well as coffee grounds. Though you might have to buy bone meal, it won't hurt your budget as it is pretty affordable.

With 4 parts of coffee grounds, 1 part bone meal and 1 part wood ashes, you can basically come up with nitrogen-potassium-phosphorous rich fertilizer. With this, it can help in supporting the health of the lawn, most especially throughout intense summer heat. Another possible recipe that you can make involves the utilization of Epsom salts, beer, liquid soap, ammonia as well as mouthwash. According to experts, the first recipe is a lot cheaper and easier to make.

Let the grass to grow up to 3 inches - be mindful that taller grasses are less vulnerable to stress that is caused by heat. In addition to that, it helps in the prevention of weed growth.

Use vinegar in controlling weeds - this particular substance is so strong that it is capable of preventing the growth of dandelion as well as crabgrass. What's great about this is the fact that it's safe grass use.

Stock up on organic pest control agents - this includes essential oils, diatomaceous earth and beer. All these work efficiently in getting rid of different types of slugs, snails and insects. Not only that, all of these are a lot cheaper when compared to chemical pest killers that you can buy.

Clean your lawn always - the best defense towards pest infestation is cleanliness. And if you don't get professional services in controlling the pests in your yard, you certainly have a big sum of money to save.

Water the lawn deeply than frequently - by watering your lawn deeply, it allows the grass roots to grow deeper where they can get added hydration. Know that grass that are deeply rooted has the ability of withstanding extreme heat of summer and stay green and lush through the whole season. Go to zingidaho today.